How To Choose A Dental CPA

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Running a successful dental practice goes beyond having excellent dentistry qualifications and skills. It also involves several more business-oriented aspects like managing staff, balancing financial accounts and budgeting, and dealing with the IRS. Although in preparing to start your practice, you may have gotten basic knowledge of these business practices, dentists are not trained to do them. It is in the best interests of your business to get professional guidance and help, and when it comes to finances, a specialist CPA is who you should turn to for help. Your dental practice should have an excellent dentist CPA as the chief manger of your finances.

What is a Dental CPA?

A dental CPA is a licensed Certified Public Accountant that specializes in dental practice. The dentist CPA handles all the financial accounts of practice, offers advice on the best economical steps to take, manages the payment of appropriate taxes, and gives accurate account statements and management reports.

Although several CPAs will tell you that none of them were trained specially for dentists, you will readily find CPAs that focus only on working with dentists. Such accountants have gathered knowledge particular to the dental practice and offer the best assistance and advice.

So how do you select the right Dentist CPA San Diego? Here are some tips to help you.

Look Out For Experience

As managing finances is an essential part of building a successful dental practice, no one wants a rookie CPA on their job. It would be best if you had a Dentist CPA San Diego with adequate knowledge about the specifics of handling dental accounts, managing taxes, and other financial processes. Always choose an experienced dentist CPA in San Diego for expert fiscal management.

Get Recommendations

Another sure-fire way to get the right dentist CPA in San Diego is to get recommendations from other dentists. If you hear a name come up more than once, then you can be sure that the accountant is good enough to consult.

Interview the CPAs

When you have put together a list of possible CPA options, the next thing to do is interviews. Before selecting one accountant, ask questions such as the dental seminars they attend, the dental magazines they read or newsletters they subscribe for, and their financial software too. It would be best if you went with a CPA that can provide adequate responses to these questions. Also, your preferred certified accountant should know some practice-management consultants.

Check the Academy Directory

The Academy of Dental CPAs is a body of experienced and professional CPAs in the nation. If you need a dental CPA in San Diego with ample experience and working with at up to 50 dentists, then the directory of the ADCPA is a great place to start looking.


There are several benefits you and your dental practice can get from consulting with a good CPA. A well-trained dental CPA will carefully breakdown your financial details to you and advise you on the best steps for your business financially. The difference between most successful businesses and others is their financial management. With the tips above to guide you, selecting the best CPA for your practice will be easy and straightforward.

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