FireLab- The Advantages of Cloud-Based Fire Inspection Report Software

The Advantages of Cloud-Based Fire Inspection Report Software

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Fire prevention software is an integral part of public safety. It needs to be conducted at regular intervals of time. The statistics and research has shown that there is a strong relation between property fires and fire code violations. At times, fire departments struggle a lot to undertake inspections within the stipulated period. It has been exhibited in the US and other countries, those fire departments have a huge inspection backlog.

Therefore, fire inspectors are always on the lookout for new and more efficient methods and software to successfully manage inspections and make people adhere to compliance matters!

The checklists can be done about Fire Inspection on one’s tablet:

The inspection report software is very useful for fire departments to reduce backlogs. It can work on tablets and smartphones as well.

The Advantages of Fire Inspection Report Software

The Benefits of Fire Inspection Report Software

Reporting time is reduced:

The fire inspection checklists on one’s smartphone or tablet help the fire personnel to complete detailed fire inspection reports. It documents all the code violations with notes and images.

Advantage of  digital signature:

One can choose to get a digital signature from the resident, fire inspector or any other inspection form one needs to be completed.

Compiling data into reports and emails:

The facility of printing a hard copy through a mobile device is made possible. It can be done through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth printer. No reason for physical typing or emailing. It is fully automated.

National fire code checklists:

The software enables total occupancy-based inspection checklists. The checklists can be modified and mail, create custom checklists, form easily on one’s smartphone or tablet!

Problems are highlighted:

The users can get information and see properties that have high, medium, or priority code violations. The color-coded identity is given to each one to manage the compliance status!

Perfect Administrative reports:

There is a perfect tracking system for ensuring compliance matters! Color-coded summary lists show locations with all outstanding compliance issues. Detailed reporting for inspections will be completed. Outstanding compliance issues, full-fledged location history, and corrections in compliance can be performed within seconds using a tablet or smartphone!

The software is designed for all Fire Departments

The software contains a big library of fire inspection checklists which is based on the national fire code. This enables fire prevention personnel to get into action immediately! All the properties are installed in the software. 

Highlighting properties that are problematic. All users can see the properties listed and the issues related to them. This makes it easy to solve the problems. The problems get solved immediately.


The fire inspection application uses a very efficient method and secure cloud-based server which can store all fire inspection reports by fire inspection company. This helps the administrative staff to spend less time and saves them time to work on other jobs!

The fire inspections app is successful because of the excellent coverage of fire safety components like extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire prevention, every day or weekly fire inspection reports. The fire departments are happy to use the successful software. 

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