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Fun 9D VR Pods

Fun 9D VR Pods, used in conjunction with the headset, the user can be immersed into a realistic, simulated VR gaming experience.

One of our newest VR Games. 9D VR uses VR glasses to show you 360-degree movies. So when in the motion seats. you will be brought to a totally different and real experience. 9D VR is the best game experience than other games.

You can aim at the target with your head and press the bottom in the seats to shoot the target in the movies you see in the glasses.  Also, we have different kinds of movies which will show you the different experiences. Fun 9D VR Pods virtual simulation is increasingly popular, and with advancing technology is becoming more utilized.

How does it work

The game before sitting inside the 9dVR pod, after placing the vision headset on, will acquire 1080p High Definition vision ranging 150′.

The chair will move only fractionally, yet the feeling combined with the visuals convince yourself you’re moving dramatically. There are fans built into the pod to make it feel like wind whilst you are moving.

For those who take an interest in the gaming side, there is also a joystick for you to use in combination with the VR experiences to select, shoot, and interact with visuals on screen.

The 9DVR comes pre-loaded with more than 20+ virtual reality games to choose from, varying from thrilling rollercoasters, to scary hospitals, to the gentler Santa sleigh. It provides a unique gaming experience for all ages.

Games Include

Horror movies, racing games, Shooting games, Science VR movies, Adventure VR movies, Roller Coasters, Fighting warriors games, etc.
If you want to bring this type of amusement to your event, contact us. Also if you need more ideas of creative stuff to hire for your events, check our 25 fun activities for events list!

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