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What are video transcription services and why are they important?

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Audio and video transcription services in other languages ​​are an important job for many segments. This is because this is how people from different locations can have access to the same content. Thus, it is also possible to record everything that was said at an event, for example, in text format. 

While it is not a widely knowledgeable service, it does provide significant help for a number of situations. It is usually requested in the case of lectures, congresses and meetings of notable importance. In this blog, we’ll talk about the role of audio and video transcription and how it works.

What is audio and video transcription?

The audio and video transcription services aim to transcribe everything that was said into both recording forms. As stated before, it can be presentations, lectures and even music. Thus, it is possible to keep the content faithful to what was recorded.

It demands, in addition to knowledge in different languages, mastery of the passage from verbal to written content. Generally speaking, this means that the translator must convey the same ideas but adapting them to written form. This also includes eliminating pronunciation and speech errors.

Audio and video transcription can sometimes be easily confused with subtitling. However, it is noteworthy that these are services with different processes. This is because, in the case of subtitling, it is possible to adapt words and expressions. In the transcripts, however, it is necessary to maintain the maximum similarity to the original content. 

The relevance of this type of service

Audio and video transcription has become an increasingly relevant service in the market. This happens because, over time, there are more ways to consume content. It is an important process, for example, to get better results in search engines like Google.

Understand why many people looking for videos or audios would like to have their content in writing. That’s because, at times, reading them and finding the main information is more practical than having to watch them in their entirety. In the case of podcasts, this practice has been increasingly disseminated and applied. 

Audio and video transcription of events and lectures also enables these to become blog posts at a later time. Thus, it is possible to summarize the main events of what happened. This also makes the site’s traffic move and you guarantee even more access to your content. 

As proof of the popularity of this service, a survey found that about 50% of all studies will be done through the voice in the coming years. Another survey adds that 30% of surveys will no longer use a screen. As such, this service is directly linked to the trend in voice surveys.

Top audio and video transcription tools

video transcription tools

Voice-to-text annotation is an integral part of processing algorithms for many languages, especially when it comes to customer service. However, finding audio and video transcription tools that make the process of annotating your information easier can be a challenge. The solutions we highlight below will help to improve your transcription workflow – or even to outsource the service.

  • Transcribe:

This software includes a perfectly integrated audio player and a word processor. It was conceived to speed up the transcription process, avoiding as much as possible the constant exchange between audio and text files. It also has a voice recognition feature, which allows you to dictate text.

  • Express Scribe:

Popular among freelance transcribers, the Express Scribe software is recognized for its audio player, good user interface, and hotkey support. It can also be used for video.

  • oTransscribe:

It is a free application that is designed to facilitate the transcription process. It allows you to add both video and audio, has several export options and ensures that your information stays on your computer.

  • Subtitle Edit:

Mainly used for video, this free software has a range of features to create and adjust subtitles. It is particularly useful for those transcripts that require time for interventions.

  • InqScribe:

This tool allows the user to playback their recordings and type their transcripts in the same window, also offering a series of useful shortcut keys. It is also compatible with different formats.

  • IntraScript:

A standalone software solution designed for medical transcription, IntraScript offers a set of voice recognition features that facilitate the process of dictating, reviewing and editing your information visit here .

  • Dragon Speech Recognition:

This is a slightly different solution to the transcription challenge. Through this software, it is possible to automatically transcribe the audio, thus eliminating the necessary volume of typing. Make sure you check for errors and punctuation before exporting!

  • Audiotranskription:

The f4transkript tool makes it possible to adjust the audio to the transcriber’s typing needs. It also automatically introduces the intervening time and signals the intervener’s change in the dialogues.

  • The FTW Transcriber:

This software also offers its users the possibility to enter the intervention time automatically. It also plays files on local disks or remote servers without the need for any download.

  • Happy Scribe:

Through voice recognition software, Happy Scribe transforms speech into the text from a wide variety of audio and video formats. After completing the task, the tool makes it possible to edit the transcript result.

Optimizing the transcription process is a valuable task. However, you are more likely to achieve a higher ROI (Return on Investment) when contracting the transcription service from a translation company. By doing so, your transcription will be in the hands of specialists, while your team is free to carry out other equally important tasks. 

If you are considering an audio-to-text transcription company, or if you need legal video transcription services, we advise you to consult a legal transcription company that has more than enough experience to cater to your requirements the way you want. 

You will surely find that they represent a more economical option for you. In addition to this, there will also be a zero chance of errors and mistakes in the content, which is basically all we are on the hunt for.

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