What Is An Effective Alum Stone Deodorant?


Looking for an effective alum stone deodorant? It’s time to discover Alum Stone! Our alum stone deodorant stick of 120g will satisfy you perfectly, discover why.

We speak of effective alum stone deodorant when it acts directly on the perspiration odors.

The effective alum stone deodorant act on bacteria, feeding sweat, emit odor common (but dependent people, diets each) attributed to the underarm sweating. Alum stone deodorants act in a variety of ways:

By directly tackling bad odors with scented substances that camouflage the armpit perspiration odor. Masking odors has never been a good solution and it does not apply to personal hygiene!

Absorbing Sweat: example with talc, plant powder, and the “odorous” molecules spread less quickly.

By stopping or destroying bacteria: alum stone deodorants may contain bactericides (natural or chemical), such as alum stone deodorants based on alcohol (sometimes too much depending on people) or potassium-based alum (like our stone alum) or aluminum (which we do not recommend from the latest sources on cancer).

The effectiveness of alum stone deodorant alum: 24H action

For us the best solution has never been and will never hide the smell of perspiration! Treated the problem at the source by neutralizing the bacteria responsible for bad odors. The thin film deposited by the stone of alum acts as bactericidal: you sweat but you do not feel bad!

In addition to having an effective alum stone deodorant you have a alum stone deodorant that lasts. Our alum stone stays on average 2 years (for the 120g version) with daily use.

Using alum stone

Alum stone is a mineral (double sulphate of aluminum and potassium) that leaves, after having been slightly moistened, apply a thin saline layer on the dermis and which fights the bacteria that cause the smell of perspiration. The natural perspiration process does not block pores. Its use is very simple! Application time and as a normal alum stone deodorant: about 5 seconds. You can use alum stone as many times in the day (the morning before work, before or after the sport, after the shower before sleeping). However, it is good to dry the alum stone after use. Indeed, alum dissolves in water!

Alum stone is therefore a natural alum stone deodorant, composed of a single “ingredient”, and can last for years if it is not broken accidentally. Although you can melt (melting point 92.5 °) and replenish a block of alum in one day (rapid crystallization).

Use of alum stone for shaving

The alum stone is also hemostatic and therefore effective to stop minor bleeding cuts, shaving-related scratches. It is also effective against irritations and pimples after shaving.

For Sport

Alum stone is ideally suited for athletes . Resistant to heavy perspiration, it will regulate your perspiration. No smell or fragrance.

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