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Top 3 Most Common Myths About Independent Senior Living

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Independent living is considered to be any housing arrangement that is specially designed for seniors around or over 55 years of age. As it has become increasingly popular these days, you can find the easy availability of many independent senior living facilities.

In this case, the housing specifically ranges from single-family detached houses to apartment-style living. Generally, this housing is best suited to the needs of older individuals. The best part is that it does not require any maintenance work. Also, the navigation is very easier in this case.

Even though residents are involved in living independently, most of the communities tend to provide services, activities as well as amenities. On-site recreational facilities or clubhouses are often offered to allow a senior individual to connect with peers as well as actively take part in community events like movie nights, continuing education, or holiday gatherings.

Some of the senior living facilities can also provide tennis courts, fitness centers, swimming pools, golf courses, or other clubs as well as interest groups. Other services that are generally offered in an independent senior living facility may include daily meals, beauty salons, onside spas, basic laundry, and housekeeping services.

The main aim of these facilities is to assist older adults so that they can lead independent, happy, and healthy life. So, if any of your family members are senior and want to lead an independent life so that they do not require any help for performing their day-to-day activities, then you should necessarily approach an independent senior living facility.

But one of the most important things to keep in mind, in this aspect is that most independent living facilities do not provide medical care or nursing staff. There are some myths concerning this independent senior living which you first need to clear before moving ahead.

Myths Concerning This Independent Senior Living

Myth Number 1:

Choosing to live in an independent senior living facility means, you will end up losing your independence.

Truth: It is wrong. Independent senior living facilities are built to preserve your independence and thereby help you to live a happy life.

Myth Number 2:

If you live away from your family members as well as friends, you won’t have anybody to help when you are in an emergency.

Truth: Most independent senior living facilities have staff working all round the clock to assist promptly and readily at the time of need.

Myth Number 3:

Choosing independent living means you are sacrificing your interests as well as hobbies.

Truth: Most of the independent senior living facilities provide a wide selection of various activities which are customized to your interests as well as needs. It includes everything from arts and crafts, gardening, sports as well as fitness programs, and a lot more.

Final Verdict

Currently, with the change in living room situation, it is crucial to prepare ahead so that your senior family members can get the space as well as time to deal with that change. We hope you have found this guide about independent senior living to be informative.

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