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Significance of Pooja in Hinduism

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In Hinduism, pooja is a ritual or ceremonial worship that involves offerings to God with devotion to get the blessings. It has a hidden significance in the minds of Indians. The act of pooja is a symbolic offering of a person’s whole body and mind along with soul. Being a very popular form of divine worship, pooja is performed by people in groups or as individuals. Some priests also perform pooja on behalf of the individuals.

Pooja is universally practiced in Hindu temples. Men and women also practice pooja in their households. The duration of buy pooja mandir online may be around a few minutes to several hours. Some poojas may last for a few days too.

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Aspects of Hindu Pooja

People use several objects, mantras, and methods of worship while they perform pooja. It requires sincerity and devotion while doing Pooja. One should surrender to God. If Pooja is not performed religiously, it may produce negative effects and you may not get the desired results.

Pooja is done to please the God and fulfill the desires. If people want to get rid of some problems in life, they perform pooja, but sacred pooja should be made without any expectations. One should be selfless and devote himself or herself to God. The quality of pooja depends on purity of the devotee.

How is pooja conducted?

Well, pooja is conducted in different ways in different regions in India. Pooja items in USA are used by people to pray God. Idol worship is prevalent in India in almost all the regions.. During the ceremony, people place idols of Gods and Goddesses, offer them flowers and fruits, and also pay respect to them. Worshipers utter mantras or prayers to invite the selected God to visit the place of worship. The worshiper or the priest chants the mantras several times or meditate.

Idols are bathed with water, milk, honey, saffron, and sandalwood paste and new clothes are offered to the deity. After the bathing ceremony, when the deity is in a new attire, he is offered flowers, incense, fruits, verses, and more. Doing all this promotes positive state of mind.

Once the worshiper follows these steps, he intensifies the worship and offers more prays to the deity. He expresses greater devotion with prayers and hymns. In some elaborate ceremonies, the deity is entertained with songs, dance, and music also. People sing and dance to express their happiness in presence of God. They express gratitude and devotion towards God.

Materials used in Pooja

Idols of Gods and Goddesses are used in Pooja for worship. The idols may be made of clay, copper, brass, silver, or other metals. People place idols in temples that signify the presence of God.



It is a pot that is filled with water. It is used as a cleanser to purify several other materials and idols used for Pooja. Hindus sprinkle water from the kalash to make make the surroundings holy and pure.



Women draw rangolis at the entrance of temples or homes to ward off the evil. Made from colorful powders, it involves creativity. Sticker rangolis are used these days and they look alike original rangolis.

Leaves and flowers

Mango, betel, and banyan leaves are considered to be holy. Flowers are used in performing several rituals. You can buy pooja materials online to worship God in a good and pleasing way.

Pooja is an important sacred devotional ceremony for Hindus. They worship Gods and Goddesses to please and thank them. Different ceremonies and rituals are followed by people of different religion to pray Gods.

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