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Rent Short Term Storage In Austin, Texas

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If you are looking for a Storage Units Near Me facility but don’t know how long you will need to store your belongings, a short term unit may be right for you. Short term storage is a convenient and cost effective way to keep your possessions safe without having to worry about committing to a long term lease. A short term service functions like the traditional long term storage facility. You are given unlimited access to your belongings, and all items are kept safe in a locked unit.

There are a number of different short term storage options to choose from depending on your individual needs. Storage rates can vary with each facility, so it is important to compare prices. Some facilities provide storage for larger items like cars and boats, while others offer smaller units. Quality Self Storage Sunnyvale facilities will provide some type of safety feature like locked gates with personal entry codes. Researching storage prices will give you an idea of what types of services are offered.


Short term Self Storage San Jose units can be utilized for a variety of different reasons. If you are in the process of moving, you may benefit from the convenience of temporary storage. You can also use a short term facility during a home renovation. Furniture and personal belongings can be stored safely, and you will not have the added worry of items getting damaged. Even seasonal items can be easily stored, so you can clear up space in your home. In the event of a natural disaster like a fire or flood, a short term facility is perfect for briefly storing items while life gets back to normal.

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storage space

A temporary Portable Storage Units facility is ideal for anyone who is in the midst of a lifestyle change and needs to simplify things temporarily. It is a valuable tool in keeping possessions protected and documents secure. New business owners can store valuable documents while getting established. Newly married couples can temporarily keep their belongings in a safe place while adjusting to the idea of sharing a space. College students can also benefit from using a short term facility.

Choosing a Temporary Storage Service over the long term option has a number of advantages. One of the main benefits is the cost. Storage prices vary from unit to unit, but temporary storage facilities are often more affordable than long term sites. Requesting storage quotes from a variety of companies will help you make the best decision. Because you are given a flexible lease with a short term facility, you pay only for the time you need. You are not committed to a long term agreement, and you will not overpay for time you do not use. A month to month lease gives you the flexibility to add or remove items when necessary. This means the space you use can change and grow with your personal needs.


The different types of short term storage options vary with each facility. While each facility offers secure storage, the type of security measures used can vary greatly. Some sites feature a locked, gated entry that requires a personal identification number. A PIN allows the manager of the facility to monitor who visits the unit. Many sites allow you to use your own lock, so access to your unit is limited to who you give the key to. Many short term facilities have extra video surveillance because of the amount of people coming and going.

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