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When you became a mother for the first time, it was an enriching life experience. All the pains and complications of your pregnancy became memories of the past, when you held your new born in your arms and he smiled back at you. A few months down the line, you are faced with a daunting task to buy Baby clothes for him. You have done a little homework on your own by, visiting a few online apparel stores. You are amazed at the large variety of clothes available for your little angle.  Another factor that catches your attention is the price tags attached to these beautiful clothes. These clothes are very expensive and you know within a few months, your son would outgrow them. Thus the investment would be a waste.

baby clothes
baby clothes

Can you buy baby clothes for a baby boy within a budget?

Like most new mothers, you would want your baby boy to look handsome in each dress he wears every day. But making an investment on expensive clothes is not a logical thing to do. You have other responsibilities that you have to attend which might include looking after the growing needs of an older child. Here are few tips which you can use, when buying your baby clothes. These are:

Plan your shopping well ahead

In a year there are a few massive sales seasons. You can make use of these great discount sales events, to buy clothes for your little one. Before you start enjoying your shopping binge takes a little time off and plan the essential things he would need in a one year’s times. This could be a snow suit, light denim jackets and good quality night gowns. Your son might be small in size now but very soon he would enter his growing phase. Therefore you should make the best of these discount sale seasons and buy good quality clothes for him, which he would wear next year. You would be surprised that in the end of the season sale also, you would get great looking baby clothing and you could buy tons of them also.

Invest in discount coupons when shopping online

When you shop online, do not forget to get your discount coupons. There are various dedicated websites that offer different types of discount coupons for various reputed online stores. You can also become a  member of popular shopping websites like group on and on regular basis receive updates regarding great deals on your baby boy’s clothing. Investing in a few good deals would be a wise money investment for you.

Take a peek at the girls section for your basic clothing

Girls always have more options in clothing, than little boys. Thus with a little bit of imagination, you can buy some great looking trousers, sweaters for your little one. Just make a note that the colours for these Baby clothes are neutral and earthy colours. Otherwise you can also invest in good quality white shirts and vests that are abundantly found in the girl’s clothes section. Nobody would notice the difference and it would be your little secret.

Investing clothes for your boy which are two size larger

When buying clothes for your little angle, do not invest in clothes that have fitted appearance, buy two sizes large. This is a golden rule to be kept in mind when investing clothes for growing baby boys. Otherwise a good portion of your monthly budget would be spent on purchasing clothes for him on a regular basis.

Have a look at the second hand baby clothing shops

Most people are averse to the idea of letting their young baby boy’s wear second hand clothes. This is because as a young parent they are concerned about the safety of their young son. But there are many young mothers who now sell their old baby clothes and buy new ones from these second hand clothing shops. You would be amazed at the great variety of clothes available and at peanut price. If you worry about infection in these clothes, then you can rinse them with a mild antiseptic lotion before washing them thoroughly.

You should not be ashamed of the fact that you are looking for discounted clothes for your young boy. In fact you are saving money which would be used later for his education and other important needs. Thus plan your shopping strategy when you invest in kids clothes for your baby boy.

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