Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Bollywood Dance Costume


Belly Dance Costumes

A big part of the joy and especially the presentation of belly dancing is getting dressed up in beautiful costumes that accentuate your every move. Belly dancing costume ideas are limitless thanks to endless cultural contributions. Your basic costume will start with a matching bra and bedlah or belt and a circle skirt. Add in harem pants, a veil, scarves, and head dress for maximum fun.

Harem Pants

The belly dancers harem pants sit low on your hips and you have two options with your harem pants. You can wear them under your circle skirt or on their own. If you opt to wear harem pants without a skirt look for an opaque fabric. If you are wearing harem pants as part of your Bollywood dance costume under a skirt you would do well do look for a sheer material. Maybe even layer two circle skirts for added layering.

Bollywood dance costume


If you don’t want to show much skin during your belly dancing performace than the caftan is absolutely the costume you want to wear. A caftan is basically a tunic that reaches the floor. You can have a sheer caftan and wear it over your bra and cinch the waist with a hip scarf. We prefer the added layered look of the hip scarf over a belt but the choice is a highly personal one.

If you like the fitted look but don’t want to add extra layering to your outfit look for a darted caftan than fits your body type.

When you are not dancing cover up your belly dancing costume with a caftan to add to the sense of mystery to your dance. If you are sitting in the audience other dancers will appreciate your sense of courtesy if your costume is covered as well.


No belly dancing costume would be complete without lots of jewelry. Add gloves or armbands for even more Fashion Accessories India.

You can create an authentic belly dancing costume or create an absolutely stunning fantasy costume. There are more choices with costumes for belly dancing that for any other dancing style. Have fun creating a costume that satisfies your inner belly dancer.

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