wedding venues in orange county

How to Save Money with Wedding Venues in Orange County?


Why not narrow down your search and look for venues by County. This will give a very different set of results and as most weddings take place near the bride and or grooms home this makes sense. However, let’s be honest, some counties are not that inspiring and if you are going to splash out for your big day why not start to think about this a little differently.

Recently, I attended a Best Cheap wedding venues in Orange County in the Scottish Highlands – a real Kilt and Sporran affair – but bride, groom, family and all other guests all came from Cheshire. What a great idea to take the cohort out of the mundaneness of Cheshire and let everybody have a 3 day whoop up in the moorland, a fabulous event to consider forever! Similarly, my most recent wedding crowd was in Yorkshire.

I know what you are thinking, ‘we can’t afford to do that’. But actually it need not cost the earth. Here are three ways to do this and keep the cost down.

wedding venues in orange county

Choose an exciting and brilliant location and if you want a theme. This will get the whole family and close guests excited about your wedding. I know they should be anyway, but for some people attending a wedding can be a bit intimidating. By having your bridal away from home turf for a two or three day break it’s going to be like a little holiday.

With your holiday, err sorry, wedding venue decided upon and your guests motivated you can begin to consult parcel prices with the hotels guest houses, for place deals. Remember the Highlands wedding? That’s just what was done here. A surround price was agreed at the marriage hotel and also with local – even holiday houses to rent. This approach will give your intended guests a budget and comfort choice and also gives people a bit of their own space. So now they will all be looking forward to the wedding and a little party break.

Of course these guests will be willing to pay their own space fees because now they are going to your wedding in a attractive part of the UK – and giving themselves and little holiday break! Think about it for a instant. All your family, relations and friends in one attractive location for a short break and your wedding! This will be most superb and affordable. View More

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