How to Do Link Building for High PR and Rankings


SEO is 10% on page optimization and 90% off page SEO optimization i.e link building. It is a very tedious process which needs lots of time and efforts. Sometimes it can be quite frustrating as well. Without a proper link building strategy, your site can never rank for a highly competitive keyword. The reason being is that links are counted as votes by search engines. To get a higher ranking you need hundreds or thousands of links to out beat your competitors.

This Post Discusses Some Time-tested Link Building Techniques to Optimize a Site for Search Engine.

1) Content: Produce high-quality content. Producing high-quality content is the best link building strategy. High-quality content doesn’t need promotion, it just needs an initial boost later it automatically gets linked and shared by people. These kinds of links are very powerful and they can boost your page rank and rankings on search engines. Here a question on how to implement the link building strategy with aid of content:

a) Add content your site regularly: Add a blog to your site and make a fixed schedule to update the blog with high-quality San Jose SEO Content regularly. High-quality content production needs time and research so you can update your site weekly. But don’t fail to update it. If you think you don’t have time then outsource the work to any seo content writing company. They will do the research and write compelling content for our post.

b) Write guest blogs: Contact famous bloggers in your niche and if they permit post articles on their sites. This gives you a tremendous amount of exposure, traffic, and backlinks.

c) Write for article sites: Although sites like EzineArticles, HubPages lost most of their sheen after Google Panda update yet posting articles on these articles are useful in terms of traffic and links.


Four Way Link Exchange

2) Link Exchange: Link exchange is against the Google TOS yet people do it. The best strategy to avoid a penalty is to do three-way/ four-way link exchange. But how to know with whom you should exchange link. You can analyze your competitors’ backlinks by using SEO Spyglass or SEOmoz and then contact the prospective link partners for links. It is a very time-consuming process as you will get very less response from webmasters. You can outsource it to any link building services company.

3) Press release marketing: Press releases are an important aspect of wholesome San Jose SEO Services and link building strategy. Press releases are very much useful for driving traffic to your site. Read: How to Effectively Use Press Releases to Get Targeted Traffic and How to Attract Traffic to Your Website: Tips For New Webmasters and Business Owners.

4) Forum Posting: Participation in forums can bring you great recognition and traffic besides backlinks. Read: A comprehensive guide to use Forum posting effectively. This guide will explain how you can leverage the power of forums to boost your link building campaign.

5) Blog Commenting: It’s controversial but it is useful. Participate in discussions on blogs and don’t forget to put your link in the URL section. Don’t spam.

6) Other few important methods are linked to wheel creation. A useful resource is here San Jose SEO Expert

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