Giraffe Prints Floral Area Rugs – The Gentle Side of Africa


Giraffe prints Casual area rug can express your inner peacefulness and serenity–more so than that of predators. The beautiful spots of giraffes speak to a sensitivity that belongs outside the herd.

The giraffe, originally and currently found in Africa, traveled the Ancient World. In Medieval times, the Persians and Arabs thought it an animal bred through the mixture of the camel, the hyena, and the wild ox. Chinese of the Ming Dynasty thought it the incarnation of the mythical creature the ki’lin, known for its gentleness, goodness, and benevolence. The appearance of the Ki’lin was supposed to mark the appearing of a good leader-in this case, Confucius!

Were you aware that there are different species of giraffes? The pattern you probably know best is the less exotic Somali giraffe, the one most seen in zoos. Somalis have large polygonal-shaped spots on a background of bright white. But another species of giraffe that ranges in Kenya has jagged, star-like or vine-shaped leaf shapes on a chocolate or yellowish background. Add these patterns to the variety of giraffe print products available and you have a plethora of gift choices!

For instance, giraffe safari print Casual area rug on your bedroom comforter is an inviting yet tame alternative to a lion or tiger print–and lends a warm feel to your settling down for the evening. You will awake toasty warm and refreshed. For a taste of a genuine side of Africa without adorning your home or your body with the predator print, giraffes give you that animal warmth without the edge.

floral area rugs
floral area rugs

The shoe industry offers quality footwear with giraffe prints, especially all kinds of sandals and slide shoes.

Popular varieties include Dr. Scholl’s brand and green-spotted ones by the designer Kate Spade of Italy. These brands cushion your feet all day long while giving you a look of high style that your friends will envy. From the basic thong to slide shoes or rain boots for those rainy days in the city, you can find the shoe that sports a giraffe design. Couple these with a tote bag from Boutique, and you have a unique look that will carry you through a profession work day to a relaxing time on Saturday.

You’ve heard of zebra print luggage, but have you heard of luggage adorned by a giraffe pattern? International Traveller leads the way, making theirs in polycarbonate material, the lightest material available. Pulling that smart looking giraffe print around the airport will never be a drag!

Giraffe print Casual area rug have been aimed successfully at children too. From the logo of one of the most famous toy stores in the world, to receiving blankets, to the famous print “First Kiss” by Ron D’Raines, print giraffes have always been a favorite of the young, and the young at heart.

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