fresh seafood melbourne

Fresh See Food in Melbourne


In today’s world market, fresh fish is available in almost any city, town or village. Modern handling and storage techniques have made it possible to pack and transport fish over extremely long distances leading to a rising increase of fresh fish suppliers. This enables people living in land-locked areas to enjoy fresh seafood Melbourne with nearly the same regularity as people who live close to the ocean or other bodies of water. Unfortunately, people who are new to purchasing fresh fish may lack the knowledge necessary to identify good seafood. Here are some simple steps to help anyone make a good seafood purchase.

A fresh seafood melbourne looks good, with shiny, slippery that hold together closely. A fish that is not fresh appears flaccid; its scales are less shiny and are sometimes dry and loose.

fresh seafood melbourne
fresh seafood melbourne

The eyes of a fresh fish are clear, shiny and bulging, while an older fish has eyes that are whitish/opaque and not so clear, because the membranes have lost moisture. Deep-sea fish can have bloodshot eyes because of the change in pressure when the fish is brought up rapidly to the boat. In this case the ‘clear eye’ assessment is not valid; it is best to judge a red-eyed fish by its firmness.

The body and flesh of a fresh seafood melbourne are very firm and the fibres hold in all the goodness and moisture. The body fibres of a not-so-fresh fish, or one that has been thawed, have begun to soften and release precious juices.

A fresh fish has pink or deep red gills, but the gills of an older fish are brownish in colour.

The smell of a salt-water fish reminds you of the sea, while a freshwater fish has a river smell reminiscent of freshly cut grass. A fish that is ‘off” always smells unpleasant.

Some fish have heavier bones than others, so keep this in mind when buying whole fish from a fresh fish supplier. For example, a 300 g flounder, which is a heavy-boned fish, will provide less flesh than a trout of the same weight, whose bones are lighter. The general rule is that flat fish have less flesh than round fish of the same weight, because the bones of flat fish are heavier.

In principle, the more delicate the fish, the more expensive it is. We at Renung Seafood are proud of being one of the top fresh seafood melbourne and worldwide. Contact us now to get the best deals and the freshest fishes.


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