Custom Plastic Molding Service


SK Plastics has a unique 5 stage product development process for injection custom plastic injection moulding. As one of Australia’s leading plastic manufacturers and suppliers, SK Plastics has the capabilities to create products at any stage of the process. Be it during initial design, 3D prototyping or final testing, our qualified manufacturers can assist with custom plastic injection moulding and product development.

Our comprehensive plastic injection moulding process encompasses both design and manufacture; products developed in our Australian factory. SK Plastics is committed to innovative plastic design and manufacture, and as such, has industry standard CNC plastic machines to produce products and tools of the highest quality.

SK Plastics will work with you to take your ideas and turn them into workable, profitable products.

Concept Design

SK Plastics understands the initial concept and design is integral to the overall product, which is why we aim to thoroughly discuss your ideas and what you wish to achieve. Our experienced plastic manufacturers will work with you to formulate your custom plastic injection moulding and provide a quote based on your requirements. SK Plastics has the expertise to assist with the initial concept or refine predefined ideas. As one of Australia’s leading plastic suppliers and manufacturers, SK Plastics can take simple concepts through a process to ensure visibility, price efficient course of action and ease of manufacture.

Component Design

Once our experienced designers have assisted with the custom plastic injection moulding concept, the component will be designed into compelling 3D drawings. SK Plastics works alongside you to ensure you are visibly satisfied with the design. Initial concepts are converted to 3D drawings to provide significant, visible information and ensure component design issues are identified and resolved prior to custom plastic injection moulding. SK Plastics commitment to our customers means we do not progress to the next stage unless you are completely happy with the component design.

Models and Prototyping

SK Plastics uses up to date software and technology to ensure our plastic injection moulding is of the highest standard. During this stage, our experienced plastic injection designers will utilise the latest Solid Works 3D software to create a three dimensional drawing of your product for approval.

Once the model has been finalised and approved, our experienced plastic manufacturers will suggest an appropriate prototype method. SK Plastics has five prototype methods including:

  1. Stereolithography.
  2. Selective Laser Sintering.
  3. CNC/Machining.
  4. RTV/Machining
  5. Tooling.
custom plastic injection moulding
Custom Plastic Injection Moulding

Prototyping methods will differ, depending on the type of custom plastic injection moulding product. Our qualified staff will offer advice on the correct method for your intended application. SK Plastics will ensure your plastic products are thoroughly tested before manufacture to avoid any problems upon completion.

Tool Design and Mould Making

SK Plastics offers a niche product range and can design any tool you may require. With over 20 years’ experience in plastic injection design and manufacture, SK Plastics will ensure your plastic product meets industry expectations.

Our tool making department boasts the latest plastic machinery; each functioning for optimum manufacture. SK Plastics uses plastic machines with CNC, EDM and manual functions to produce high quality injection custom plastic injection moulding.

Testing and Production Injection Moulding

Once the injection mould tool manufacture is complete, a series of testing and trials is commenced. Trails are undertaken to determine whether the product is functioning to its required standard. Upon completion of the trialling process, SK Plastics will provide off-tool samples for your product for approval and testing. This includes testing for strength, durability, functionality and more. Once testing and trialling is complete, the product will be ready for injection custom plastic injection moulding.

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