Construction Of Standard Concrete Flatwork

Business Concrete Construction Services

Standard residential concrete patios and driveways are an affordable way to dress up your home, increase your home’s value, and even make it easier to sell because it has better curb appeal. When you are considering adding or replacing existing concrete flat work concrete contractors Calgary will give you a free estimate on the project. We will remove any old concrete and dirt if necessary.

Brushed finished driveway

Your project will be framed, poured and finished in a timely manner. Concrete contractors Calgary uses fiber mesh, wire mesh, drilled rebar, and quality expansion joint filler when necessary at no additional cost to you. Concrete companies Calgary will also remove any excess materials from site. When heavy machinery is involved we will fill in our tracks as best as possible. All of our workers are approachable and friendly and can answer your concerns at any time.

We also offer professional curb cutting (removal of the top of the curb) with the removal and replacement of an existing driveway to end the annoying bump at the street.

Concrete contractors Calgary also recommends that you keep in mind changing the shape of your driveway, sidewalk or patio [1] from square or rectangular to something more decorative with curves, bends or angles. Freeform and curved walks and patios can spice up the overall appearance and add more curb appeal to your home.

We can also stamp your non-dyed regular concrete to give your home some extra eye appeal. Concrete contractors Calgary offers stamping at affordable prices. Stamping textures isn’t reserved just for Stamped & Dyed concrete, so why not add extra value to your home for very little extra cost.

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