A Psychologist Finally Explains Why You Hate Teamwork So Much

February 16th, 2017

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In any business organisation, the combined efforts of two or more people are always better than the effort of a single individual when you try to achieve targets and goals.

In most workplaces, people tend to have diverse ideas, skill levels, and work attitudes and behaviours. That is why of you want to be called a “good manager,” you must be able to foster an environment where business teamwork can flourish and succeed.

Obviously, fostering business teamwork in the workplace increases likelihood of a project’s success. Since teamwork combines the strengths of all members of the team, there will be better ideas tossed around and considered as the result of brainstorming. At the same time, the strengths will form a combined advantage that can help the team address any complicated task at hand.

In addition to more likelihood of success, teamwork allows team members a sense of security in that everybody can share in the tasks at hand, avoiding the possibility of personal responsibility for any error or mistake that may emerge; hence providing motivation and sense of security.

When a workgroup works as a team, the work is finished faster compared to working individually. That is because team members can divide the tasks among themselves (or with the mediation of a manager.

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Workplace Health & Safety Standards in Australia

December 5th, 2016

When it comes to keeping productivity going, health and safety of the workplace plays a vital role. As an employer, your responsibility is to protect your people and premises with the very best health and safety solutions. You also must maintain the most up to date legislation news and advice.

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There are many ways to keep workplace health and safety. One of which is by using health and safety products offered in the market which include safety signs, general information signs, training materials and many other innovative products that are guaranteed to help your business comply with the most current legislation.

No matter what type or size of business you run, your employees expect a working environment that is clean, safe, healthy, and comfortable to work in. If you fail to keep employees safe and healthy at work, this can result in decreased production or even worst, legal action taken against your company for hazards that employees encounter while going about the business of their routine work.

By keeping workplace health standards at the highest levels and ensuring that safety signs are posted in every area where employees and visitors frequent the establishment such problems can be avoided.

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Risk Management

September 23rd, 2016

Whether you got a new venture, or a company that is planning to expand, it is important for you to think of some ways to manage your risks. Or if you don’t know how to do it, you should talk to an expert who specialise in business risk management to ensure that your business assets are protected and secure.

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Of course, it can be tempting throw caution to the wind, trust your gut and act on impulse a little when it comes to the thought that your decisions and actions can bring substantial gain to your company; this is especially true when you got entrepreneurial tendencies.

However, essential to counteract this with prudent measures that protect the work that has gone in before, and minimise any negative consequences should they occur. This may not feel like a natural course of action, but it does mean you are more likely to experience success in the long term.

Risk management involves analysing and calculating all the different factors associated with the decisions. Generally, this includes purchasing insurance quotes to protect your assets against damage or loss.

Developing a risk management strategy does not have to be difficult. This can be done in four steps: identifying the risk, assessing it, treating it, and monitoring and reviewing the risk.

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Tips to Generate a Catchy Business Name

May 17th, 2016

So you’ve made the big decision. You already got a fresh, great idea. You’re ready to leave work and pursue your dream. You are one step away from creating a business; one step away from being your own boss. You are one step away from becoming an entrepreneur but desperately need to create a business name.

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When it comes to picking a name for your business, this task should not be taken lightly. There are many different things you should consider when creating a name for your business. In relation to this, choosing a business name depends on what you want to do, where you want to do business, what industry you’re getting into, is the business local, national, or international.

Choosing a business name should depend on a number of factors: Is your business for non-profit? Does your business belong part of a group? Is it a family run business? Does your company build something, make something, sell something, buy something, trade something, or give something? Each one of these factors can effect what your name should be.

Keep in mind that your business name does not only represent your company to your market, but it also serves some legal purposes. Hence, it should be catchy and unique.

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The Rise of Corporate Video Production in Perth

March 22nd, 2016

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All businesses are looking towards enhancing productivity that is effective despite all the factors that hinder it; more and more companies these days are looking for answers in corporate video production, especially web video for corporate clients.

The corporate video production industry has arisen as modern companies realise the effectiveness of a well designed and compellingly conceptualized corporate video production for different industry segments, be it training, initiation to a company process, and upgrading knowledge base of junior or senior level employees or simply motivational messages.

Moreover, business organisations that operate online have also understood the importance of successful corporate video production. Effective video production can be a big part of an efficient and well-researched marketing. Thus, hiring the right video production and marketing agency is crucial to a company’s ethos and profitability from the venture.

Hiring the right video production team in Perth can give you a ton of advantages. The company would be the one that would allow you to manage all of your photos and artworks from a central location, and reach the best possible content presentation to their intended audience with the right subject and the right presentation factors such as sound and lighting.

Handling corporate video production is a specialised team. Hence is extremely important to choose carefully and wisely. This job requires experienced players who are more than a dab hand at developing and strategizing corporate videos as compared to school or training videos.


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January 4th, 2016

Location-based services have already become a social media craze since it started in 2011. Hence, the challenge now is to find a way to convert the excitement of a new craze into something helpful to generate data that we can evaluate and then act on.

foursquare for small businessesFoursquare is a mobile app that is location-based which asks users to utilise their mobile phone to check-in at any locations they go to during the day. The users get points whenever they check-in and will be able to share these points with friends who they are connected to on Foursquare and also their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The game’s users will be awarded with badges as soon as players complete specific tasks on Foursquare. When player checks in the most for certain location then this will ranked them as the mayor for that place, which means that their user profile name and picture will be shown to everybody who checks in at that place.

Foursquare is actually an inexpensive way to get customers is you can use it to offer promotions and discounts to individuals who check-in! When you offer discount codes to people who check out your company or perhaps a location nearby this will generate more business.

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The Pursuit: How to Be a Successful Solopreneur

August 20th, 2015

We are now living in revolutionary ages. The collapse of many large corporations has triggered the massive dislocation of white-collar corporate workforce. This has resulted for millions of professionals to realise that there is less hope working in a large company.

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Today, many skilled and motivated professionals recognise that they are better off building their own business rather than wait for someone to hire them whether by circumstance or by choice. This trend has fuelled to the rise of Solopreneurship.

Normally, businesses start by hiring employees to help them with the operations of their company. On the other hand, there are some who prefer the concept of creating a business where they are the sole owner, shareholder, employee and beneficiary of the equity that is generated.

Solopreneurship is the best decision to make if you do not want to be controlled by anybody. By entering this type of business, you get the advantage of freedom to learn, grow, and experiment with your talents and passions. The decisions are all yours and you can rest assured that the outcome of your business will be a result of all your decisions and actions.

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